Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letters - July 2012

I have two new photography crushes, The Red Balloon Photography and Kate T Parker Photography

I've been wanting to make my photography a little more personal like theirs, with no intention of copying styles... but I am going to borrow an idea. 

The Red Balloon is writing a letter to her daughters every month and I think its the sweetest thing. I only have one daughter, but I also have a son. So I'm going to write letters to my kids, this month is just for Sadie.

Dear Sadie,

You are such a spunky little 15 month old. I never knew how different two kids could be until your wild and crazy personality starting coming out. You are outgoing, independant and silly, and you will baby talk all day long to whoever will listen. You love reading books to your stuffed animals with a big dramatic, "the end" when your done. You love walking, even though you've only mastered it within the past few weeks. You love food, and you eat more of it than Griffin does. You almost always get your way, winning us over with those huge eyes that hide behind your mile long eyelashes. You sing all day long to yourself, and to me. You dance by wiggling around, your arms go up by your side and you shake from side to side. You have lots of energy and run with the push toys all over the house, all day long. Even with all this energy you still nap twice a day, and you get tired quick from all the playing you do. You think Griffin is so funny, and laugh and him being silly always. You aren't a fan of the beach, but I'm working on that. You cuddle into me and fit like a glove, like that spot was made just for you. You are the sweetest, most adorable baby girl in the world and I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect baby if I tried. I love you so much and am loving every minute of watching you grow, which I think you are doing much to quickly.

Love, Mom

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