Friday, August 31, 2012

Real Life 3

week three and i'm still going strong. its the best project i have ever done and i'm proud to say that i have no intentions of stopping. i absolutely love capturing these real moments of my life.

sometimes when i think about my day i think about the screaming, temper tantrums, whining and complaining. the pulling hair, stealing toys, throwing food, destroying the house and how exhausted i am by bedtime. then i look through the pictures each week picking my favorites and i realize just how lucky i am. my kids genuinely love each other and are best friends even at such a young age. they play together almost all day, laughing and talking with each other along the way. we have a family life that so many people would give anything to have, and these pictures make me realize just how wonderful my life really is.

we spent most of our day at my dads house celebrating his 49th birthday! we didn't do much more than hang out, make food, eat food and do a little painting. one of the best ways to spend a day.

on another note our first movie will be posted next week! can't wait to share!

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