Friday, August 10, 2012

Simply Us

i'm pretty excited to be typing this right now! i was inspired by olive us, an adorable family with 6 kids making their own little films. i made a short video of my kids just for fun after watching theirs and i was hooked. i had to make more as quickly as possible. so i made a plan...

i came up with all kinds of ideas that i could shoot throughout the year, then i did some research on super fun and quirky days. i found a few that i simply have to celebrate. most days i sit at home, we watch cartoons, snuggle and play. i want to do more. since i can't move away (like i wanted), or afford my dream house, i'm working with what i've got. i want my kids to remember their childhood as amazing and magical. so thats the plan. if have anything to do with it, thats what it will be. amazing and magical.check out our little preview... or pilot episode.

a short little library visit.

it was exactly that. stacks of old books with that library smell are beautiful in a weird way. they hold so much history. so many eyes have read the pages and hopefully many more will. we haven't fallen into the e-book craze. there is something about holding a book in your hand and flipping each page that we can't give up. i'm kind of addicted to the feeling. 

as much as i want an iPad, i won't be using it for that.

music: Sweet Darlin' by She & Him


season one will last through february.follow along to watch all our fun adventures throughout fall and winter.

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