Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letters - August 2012

This is Part 4 of my Topsail Island posts, and my August 2012 letter wrapped in one. I never want to forget one minute of my kids growing up or their summers at the beach. I am in love with every single one of these memories.

Dear Griffin,

This summer at Topsail was filled with handfuls of new memories. You found a new love of fishing and thought of nothing else the entire week, with the occasional "jumping and splashing" you wanted to do in the tidal pools. Uncle Nick brought in your light up Mickey Mouse fishing pole the first day and you were in heaven. You gave him a big, "thanks", in your precious excited squeal and started practicing right away. I will never forget your face when I came out just in time to see you catch your first fish. It "ate your bait" and was "cute", I don't think you could have described it any better. Right after you caught it, with help from Justin, he made you give it a kiss. You weren't thrilled with the idea but finally did it after he convinced you it was the right thing to do. I will never forget your big smiles, squeals and giggles each time you saw a fish come out of the water on someones pole. You are the most precious two year old I could ever imagine and I don't love anything more than watching you discover new things. I hope you have a lifetime of new experiences just like this, and I hope I'm there to share them with you along the way.

Love, Mom

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