Thursday, September 13, 2012

Real Life 5

Its becoming harder and harder to get my kids to participate in making a movie. I had this big plan of making them every month and they were going to be magical... so far I have made one. They just aren't very into it. But when I didn't even realize it I figured out how to shoot pictures in a way I never had before. I figured out that shooting "real life" is my thing. I don't know if I ever would have found it otherwise. Every time I went to make a movie I had to stop and just start taking pictures, I shot the way I was going to film the movie. BAM. Here I am 5 weeks later, sticking with something for once in my life, and actually feeling a little proud. FINALLY. 

I have something to hang on to. I'm not going to give up on making movies yet though, we'll see if they will go along with the next plan! So now a little about our day...

My hub took the day off for a little family time.
We went apple picking... which was a failure.
We went to the park... five minutes and the kids were tired.
We went to lunch... which was pretty tasty.
Came home to give the littles a nap... zero sleeping went down.
Went to Khols... little lady screamed so much I was covering
my face in embarrassment as we ran to the exit.
Ate dinner... they weren't into it.
Bath time... Daddy serenaded them with guitar music.
Followed by a story and much needed BED TIME.

All in all... not quite the day we had planned. But at least we were together.

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