Friday, July 5, 2013


This is wordy, you've been warned.

The past three weeks has been a whirlwind. Its hard to believe that only 3 weeks ago I was in the hospital having my last baby. Its bittersweet knowing that she is the last newborn I will hold and love this way. Knowing that makes me want to soak up every little yawn and stretch, kiss her cheeks with extra love and hold her tight a little bit longer each night. Three kids is all we need, and the past 3 weeks have assured that more than ever. I'm not one to openly admit hard times, but its been a little harder than I had expected. My older two want a little more love and attention, and my youngest needs it just as much as they do. Balancing the amount of time we lend to each of them is what has us running around like crazy. We want to make sure they each know how much we love them. I think we are doing a pretty good job of it so far, and luckily they seem to know it. They are all three healthy, cared for and hugely loved. Its almost like I have a new love for my older two, a deeper love, watching them care for my youngest. Its amazing being a parent, and its not a job that I take lightly or would trade for anything in the world. I feel like if I don't do anything else with my life other than be their mom then that will be ok. I would have never said that before, but now I can scream it with confidence knowing its the truth. I love being their mom.

I hope that no one is offended by kids wearing only diapers or undies, or nothing at all. Thats how my kids spend the majority of each day. Proof is in the photos. Also I'm not a newborn photographer so don't expect to be wowed by cute photos of Tessa with her chin in her hands, because you won't be seeing them here.  

Although Griffin isn't quite potty trained yet, the fact that he is simply wearing underwear at all is a huge accomplishment. He wouldn't even attempt trying them on before, now he wears them all the time unless he's sleeping. That being said, he has still not actually peed "in" the potty. Its ok. One day at a time. He is in love with Tessa. He wants to kiss her and hold her every minute. He wants to get her boppy for me, cover her with a blanket and put her paci in when it falls out. Everything that has to do with caring for Tessa doesn't bother him one bit, unless he's left out of it. I was very afraid that he would be different with her being home, and he is, but in a good way. Not in a how dare you bring home another baby sister to steal my toys and attention kind of a way, at all. Its so amazing watching him love her, he's the most awesome little boy in the universe.

Sadie seems to have grown as big as a giant since we brought Tessa home. Her face seems big, her hugs feel strong and her voice seems much louder than ever before. She talks a mile a minute and has a comment to say about everything. She's beautiful and full of so much imagination and curiosity its almost scary to think about what she will be like when she grows up! She is going to keep us on our toes, and I honestly wouldn't want her any other way! She adores Tessa and is already such a wonderful big sister! She wants to smother her in sweet sloppy kisses and literally squeeze her every chance she gets! I think she will be an amazingly fun sister to grow up watching and learning from!

Our family feels so balanced all of a sudden, without even knowing what Tessa will be like. Its like she was meant to be here all along. I love my family and the bottom line is that I feel so loved, so blessed and so very happy. These pictures are far from perfect. I've chopped off fingers and toes (a pet peeve of mine) and have crops in weird places... but thats ok with me. The pictures I take of our everyday life are treasured and taking them is good for my soul.

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