Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sprinkler

We bought a sprinkler last summer and for some reason we forgot to ever use it! Today we decided to pull it out and give it its first go. It was most likely the most successful thing we have found to entertain Griffin... Sadie on the other hand was unimpressed. I can't wait to get a full summers use out of it! He came inside already asking when we can do it again! Anytime my little love.

I will say one thing about playing in the sprinkler... it wore them out. For some reason (even though she didn't run through it) Sadie was just as tired as Griffin! At 7:45 and they were snug in bed. Sounds like a good strategy to me... one hour outside running through water equals early bedtime. I could easily keep this up all summer long. Plus the squeals and giggles I got to hear were music to my ears!

On a side note more details about booking your own REAL LIFE SESSION will be coming soon! Until my new baby is one I will only be shooting mini sessions, but that is really all you need! Most of what you see of my kids doesn't require more than 30 minutes of shooting time. I would love to make this my career... capturing life as I see it. Contact me for more details!

Unposed, imperfectly perfect and beautiful.

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