Monday, September 9, 2013


We went apple picking! It was so fun that we plan on making it a yearly tradition! We attempted going last year and waited to long in the season, leaving the farm with zero good apples. But this year was a total success! We went to J & A orchards in Taylorsville, NC. It was great! And they even had pears! The couple that owned it were so sweet. They genuinelly wanted everyone who came to have a good time and to pick the best apples they could find. Griffin didn't get bored the whole time we were there... and Sadie only flipped out once, when her shoes got dirty. Typical.

I even let Jeremy take control of the camera a bit so I could get in some! I'm not loving the way I look these days, post 3 babies, but I think my kids need to be able to remember me being around for things as well. My husband is the best sport and is always willing to let me take pictures of him, even when I know he really doesn't want me to. I've captured so many amazing moments with him and my kids. I have really felt that it was time to let them have some memories to look back on with me. I'm always waiting for the right moment, for me to lose all my baby weight. Sadly, its just not coming off as quick as I would hope. So... time to start living and stop waiting on every little thing. I know my kids will appreciate these memories, and I will to, even if I'm not loving it right this second.



One thing I really loved about the orchard was that we got to let the kids roam. I don't really let them do that often, and I really should more than I do. They got to go a little further by themselves than I usually let them, and I think it felt freeing to them. They were able to explore and really see things for themselves. I don't know for sure how Griffin felt, but watching him made me feel like he was on a little adventure of his own. He was out to find the perfect apple. He would squeal and jump for joy waiting for us to approve with each one he found. He inspected, pulled them off and then looked them over again like they were each a piece of treasure. I loved watching him. I loved watching Sadie wander around in a new territory all of her own. Going through and editing the pictures allowed me to notice it all again. Its so amazing how kids grow into little people without you even realizing it.

Drumroll... we made a video! It was a little more effort to record and snap pictures... but so very, very worth it! Me and Jeremy both want to make this a routine to make these videos of our kids. Its just so rewarding after its all put together. Here you go... take a peek into our life! 


  1. I don't even know where to start. I love this post so so so much!!!
    1. Sadie's outfit is so stinkin' cute. Did you make her skirt?
    2. I A.DORE. every one of these photos!
    3. The video. Amazing. So amazing.
    4. We are of the same brain waves I think. I bought fresh NC mountain apples from the market to make crockpot apple butter. I had no idea you did the same thing ;)

    1. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Yes I did make her skirt... which wasn't wrinkly when we left home lol! Thats so funny that you are making apple butter to! I actually made it using the pin from your pinterest board! LOL. :)