Saturday, October 12, 2013

Makeshift School Pictures

Without a doubt my brain is 150% filled with baby fog. Or baby brain, whatever you want to call it. Having baby brain is so real its crazy, and before I had babies I thought it was all made up. I am telling you now if you don't have kids yet to watch out.... its coming for you. I can't remember anything! Which includes ordering the school pictures from my kids preschool. Which were stuck on my fridge for me to see everyday until they were due. Don't even ask how I missed them staring me right in the face!? Because I don't even know the answer.

Its no secret that I'm not a fan of putting up posy pictures with fake wooded backgrounds (ahem... like those tacky school photos have). BUT I am a sucker for my kids cute faces... so I end up ordering them anyway. But I flat out forgot. Big shock. SO... I took some. Which if I might say so myself turned out pretty darn cute.

No matter how many times a day they push my buttons, these kids have my full heart. I'm so over the moon crazy about them its insane. I don't think there could ever be words to describe how a parent feels about their kids. I think its an emotion that can't be described, and certainly can't be understood until you have a child of your own. They grow to fast, and the grown up face and expressions that Sadie's wearing these days have totally snuck up on me.

I so love these photos, and they only cut into 5 minutes of playtime.

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