Monday, October 14, 2013

Ode to the Pink Flip Flops

For the past 9 months of our life Sadie has worn nothing but her pink flip flops. She slept in them, she wanted to take baths in them (don't worry we didn't let her), she snuggled them and she sincerely loved them. If I think back to Sadie being 2 the first thing that will come to mind will be her pink flip flops.

And yesterday, the strap broke.

I have never been a very sentimental person. I'm not attached to material objects, I am only attached to photos. Its as simple as that. Seriously, I will throw something out in a second if I'm not using it. But when those flip flops broke I clung to them for dear life. I can tell you that they will never get thrown away. Ever. They were Sadie's first real "comfort object" and I don't ever want to forget.

Even though I have about a zillion pictures of her wearing them (which will each be treasured), I will also be holding on to these $1.50 Old Navy flip flops until the end of time.

I'm not going to lie. I cried like a dramatic little baby. As I held my camera up taking the last photos of these beloved shoes and I felt tears streaming down my face. My husband was like... "Woah, what is the matter with you?" I honestly have no idea. Haha. I'm not the kind of person that cries over little things. As silly as it sounds they were a huge part the past year of our life. I guess I just can't imagine Sadie with out them.

Want to hear the cherry on top? She moved on quick. They fell off, she handed them to us, and she immediately went to her room to find the next pair she would love. She has now been wearing her pink cowboy boots for nearly a day and a half. I CAN NOT believe that she's not fazed by this. I can't believe her tiny feet won't be wrapped up in those faded pink straps anymore. 

RIP pink flip flops... you will be very missed.

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