Friday, November 15, 2013


The weird thing that me and my husband have recently figured out is that our kids don't actually like "toys" very much. We started to notice it about a year ago, but didn't really figure it out until now. I just went through their room and got rid of 3 trash bags of toys for goodwill. Don't worry family no special or recent toys are included in that. Now they have a few toys that they each do play with and a bunch of books. It sounds like I'm depriving them of childhood, but I'm really not. 
My kids have amazing imaginations!

My kids would rather take every pillow and blanket in the house and make a fort than play with a toy.

They would rather me read them a book.
We've started reading chapter books at night with no pictures at all and they adore it.

They would rather cook anything with me in the kitchen.

They would rather play make believe and act out a story. 
The three little pigs and the big bad wolf is the their favorite game.

They would rather listen to music and dance around the room.

They would rather explore outside (not playing with one thing out there, just walking around).

They would rather draw a picture and make art.

They would rather play dress up.

They would rather play "roar"... aka roaring at each other and tackling. Then repeat.

They would rather play hide and seek or tag.

They would rather have a conversation.

And the typical kid in them would rather watch a movie than play with a toy. 

Seriously. My kids have zero interest in toys. I recently found this blog post on Facebook. It talks about not giving toys as gifts, but giving them adventures with you instead. Without a doubt in my mind I know that my kids would rather a million fun adventures without one toy in their life. 

As I went through all of the toys I purchased them for Christmas already I got to thinking... they simply don't need them. Now don't get me wrong, they will still get toys. BUT, we live in a very small home with three kids and two adults. Its cramped. I can honestly say that right now we are all very happy. Genuinely. We don't feel like we are suffocating and we don't feel like we are going to bust at the seams. I did feel like that before, but now that I'm cleansing the toys and other junk we have, I'm feeling so much better. I most definitely know that we could stand not to add anything else into our tiny home.

So I ask my family and friends to consider this... not just in giving gifts to my kids this Christmas but to anyone. What would you rather have, memories or possessions? I know our answer.

p.s. I got Sadie a new pair of flip flops for .97 at Old Navy. I couldn't resist. Those I think she might prefer over making a memory. And yes she dresses herself and is a total sour patch 24/7 incase you couldn't tell by these photos! :)

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