Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Happy New Year! A new year is always time for a fresh start and change...

While I still may do photography every now and then for someone who requests it, its not my passion anymore. Don't get me wrong, taking photos of my own kids is something I am still and I'm sure will always be very passionate about. Taking photos of other people, not so much. So I will probably only post one set of a photos a month, a whole months worth of my cute kids faces at once! Other than that I am embracing my new passion, sewing. 

Its not really a "new" passion, but its really becoming a big part of my life! I enjoy making little quilty things, and learning how to quilt. That is my goal for 2014. I am going to be as creative as possible and embrace every opportunity to create that comes my way! I am taking part in some swaps and even attending a fun sewing retreat, Sew South! I'm taking this year full on and setting my goals pretty high.

1. Make at least 5 complete quilts.
2. Learn to paper piece.
3. Make a travel bag for each person in my family.
4. Tackle the Washi Dress.
5. Finish decorating my home... including lots of quilts and throw pillows! 

Thats it in a nutshell. Call me crazy, but other than my family this is what I lay in bed and think about at night. I think about what kind of quilt I might like to doodle or create, or what kind of fabric I might match together. Its taken over my thoughts! So I am here, sharing my goals so that they are out there for the world to see. No turning back. I hope to tackle these by the end of 2014, and I really think I can! 

I hope you enjoy seeing my creations as I go along!
 For now enjoy these photos of Sadie, who is without a doubt the coolest little girl ever!

I so love her.

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  1. Seriously, what you described about quilting is how I am with sewing clothes. It consumes my brain! Let's tackle the washi together!