Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In the south it doesn't snow much... and even when it does, its not much. We got about an inch and my kids are thrilled! They stayed out for nearly an hour last night and are already running around in it this morning! Luckily my husband got a 2 hour delay at work, so he's outside while I'm warm, listening to Tessa baby talk in her crib, sipping my coffee and editing these pictures. Good deal!

This blog post is most certainly not really about the snow... its about Griffins quilt! 

Now, I'm proud of myself for making it, but not just because I made a quilt. I didn't really have doubts that I could do it, simply because I have made them in the past (just not the correct way). I've made 7 to be exact, 5 t-shirt quilts and 2 others. None of which were pieced, sandwiched, basted and bound correctly. But this time I did it right, and it feels good. It also feels good that I actually finished it! I'm a bit of a scatterbrain/procrastinator so I usually have about 5 projects going, which rarely get finished before I get bored with them! So yay for me! 

The nagging four year old waiting for his "orange and blue" quilt might have pushed me onward...

Now, I have the bug. I think quilting is a bit like tattoos. They say that once you get one, you want more and more until your filled with them. I can't vouch for that considering I don't have a tattoo... but I can say that I'm dying to start my next quilt, and I'm dying to have my home filled with them! I have plans for at least 3 in my head right now. I can't make a trip to the fabric store fast enough... snow go away and saturday please come quicker! 

So many more projects are laying out waiting to be finished... and for once I'm feeling motivated to get to work! 

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  1. LOVE it, love it love it love it!!! Yay for you! It is so awesome!! And so are those photos, so gorgeous!