Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our Garden

Since making the decision to just try and enjoy our life, to stop living the never ending battle of when and where we will move, we are happy. Just like that. We feel like the world has shifted a bit. Its weird, and really not that easy to describe. But we have felt like completely different people for about two weeks now, and its amazing. A weight has lifted off our shoulders and each day feels a little brighter than it did before. Last weekend we spent lots of time outside which included making stepping stones, and this weekend we planted a garden. The start of the weekend wasn't so great, considering all three kids were sick because of the dang pollen. But today, even through sniffles, we all ran through the sunshine and got our hands dirty. It was awesome. I am so in love with my little family, and for the time being my little house. When its time for us to move, things will fall into place. Until then...

The abundance of memories this backyard holds is priceless.

I painted the side of the stones a teal green, but its a little hard to see! Its super awesome in person though! I never thought I would have a green thumb, but nothing in life really goes as planned. This fun little piece of our yard will bring tons of new memories and amazing life lessons for our kids! I'm already itching for our first garden picking! And I'm over the top excited for our fruit trees to grow!

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  1. The pictures you take are amazing amber!! I enjoyed this post!