Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be ok today.

I have two teenagers in my life, my sister and my cousin. Both of them love it when I take their picture. I have done more sessions with the two of them than I can count, they are lucky I love them. My cousin is finally on her summer break, so she was due for a visit. That means picture time! During this picture session we had some serious fun. Including making a video, which I am totally gushing over.

Let me tell you about this girl. Number one she's cool. I'm not. I try to use hip terms, and she just tells me that cool people don't say things like that. Somehow, she still likes me. Number two she's got such an awesome style and personality. She is her own person, which is hard to come by in teens.

Let me just say, that looking at the pictures is great, but watching the video is essential. If you are having a bad day, or not, watch this and you will immediately feel happy. Seriously. I love this video.


p.s. Those are her real glasses. Yep, she's that cool.

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