Friday, May 17, 2013

Documenting Our Real Life

Me and my husband have been big "Office" fans for years. We began watching the show in 2006, when we got married, and have been hooked ever since. The series finale last night left us feeling a little bit broken and empty inside. It sounds ridiculous, but its true. We grew to love and relate with the characters and we genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to Thursday nights. We went to bed feeling a little bit like our best friends had moved away to somewhere crazy, so distant that we wouldn't likely ever see them all together again. Somewhat like the end of high school, its the end of an era. That being said, we decided that it might be time to start documenting our life a little bit more. 

The documentary style of the Office was awesome. The interviews, the secret smiles and glances. A few quotes from last night left us thinking...

"Act fast, because life just isn't that long." 
- Pam

"Imagine going back and watching a tape of your life. You could see yourself change and grow up." 

I don't want to miss the little moments. I want to cherish them and document our kids lives so they can look back fondly on how they grew up. At least I hope thats how they see it. I literally just got my camera and shot them playing on the bed. I didn't tell them to be still or to do this or that, I just shot them as they are. Its hot so they stripped down to just diapers, fine with me. They didn't sit still for more than a second, not my choice but I went with it. They didn't play together much. They ran away and came back over and over again, cool deal. I sat and watched, half smiling half holding back tears at how much I love my kids. This is our life.


I didn't use any special effects or edit the film other than chopping it up and removing sound. Nothing fancy happened. Its just plain and simple. But I kinda love it.

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