Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Infinity and beyond...

A few weeks ago we bought Griffin a real Buzz Lightyear! We watch all 3 Toy Story movies every single week and he is a huge fan! It was a special gift, a your-about-to-be-big-brother-again-but-we-hope-you-know-how-much-we-love-you kind of a thing. He's been struggling with the idea of another baby coming and we felt that he might really love/need a special trip to pick out a toy just for him. Something he has been dying to have, and certainly not something that we do everyday. He was in love... most days he still is, although its lost a tiny bit of its cool factor. He even asked me to take pictures of him and Buzz the minute he came out of the box... how could I say no? The light was already gone from the sky and I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood to take pictures, I just wanted to soak up his little squeal and giggles as long as I could. But I fought past the laziness and this is what I got...

One very happy little three year old.
Memories of pure joy.
A stopped moment in time where Griffin felt like he was the center of my universe. Even if I will have three kids soon, he will always be that. They all three will be. They all three already are.

I desperately want to be the mom that has homemade cookies in the cookie jar at all times, and homemade ice cream in the fridge. I want to take perfect pictures of my kids so they can remember how much I love the tiny little details that make them who they are. I want to throw them amazing birthday parties and be the perfect class mom every chance I get. I want to fill their closets with adorable handmade clothes that they are excited to wear. Even if I don't ever get around to doing all of those things at once hopefully atleast some of the time I can make these silly goals my reality. Most importantly, I want to be the mom that gives them nights like this where they feel on top of the world. The kind of mom that helps make everlasting memories. I want them to know that I will love them "to infinity and beyond."

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  1. I love how you write. I know that your kids know that you love them "to infinity and beyond". You are an AWESOME mom! I want to be more like you :)