Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Topsail Island Part 1

I've been going to Topsail Island my entire life. Each summer my entire family goes for a whole week. We take turns cooking meals and get the chance to spend lots of quality time together. Its so great, and its a tradition that I hope to carry on with my kids when they grow up and have families of their own.

Topsail Island is my absolute favorite place to be, ever. I used to think that I loved the beach, I was wrong. I love Topsail. I don't love sitting out on the beach soaking up rays or playing in the ocean. What I love is searching for the thousands of sharks teeth that swim in the shell deposits. I love the sound. I love sitting and watching the boats sail by and watching carefully waiting to catch a glimpse of a dolphin. I love the beautiful, amazing sunsets that fall over the sound each night, and the pretty haze that covers the water each morning. I love the slow pace of each day. 

This post is already a month behind and only shows a quarter of my favorites! Hopefully I'll get the second half up soon... but lets not bet on it! :)

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