Monday, February 3, 2014


She is 7 months, nearly 8. I can't believe how fast she is growing! Somehow, I haven't taken very many photos of her lately (or at all). These are far from my best work... but the weather was perfect and the sun was coming down in yummy summery rays! When you have a huge lack in photos of your extremely cute child, you just go with it (even if it only lasts 3 minutes). I never stopped clicking my first two... but sadly I guess its true what they say about the third. I just love her squishy babyness and I am holding on to every second.

I'm so angry that her feet are chopped off (huge pet peeve of mine). But, I seriously want to squeeze her... and my hub for the sweet look he's giving her. She is so close to crawling... Yikes! And the drool is starting to pour out... but those stubborn teeth refuse to pop through! Sadie (who refuses to get in front of the camera) was pretty upset that Tessa was getting dirty, which was hilarious. 
I love my family.


I also finished a tote bag for myself and I'm pretty excited about it! I used my two favorite (at the moment... which could change at any moment) fabric lines! Clover Sunshine and Briar Rose! They go surprisingly well together! Yay! One step closer to traveling handmade to Sew South! :)

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