Thursday, February 20, 2014

Overnight Ellie Bag

I loved the Ellie Travel Case I made so much, that I made another one! Only this time I tweaked a few things to make it into an overnight bag for Sadie! I love it, and I'm pretty sure she does to! Win, win! I honestly hate when they spend the night away from me, but I'm pretty excited to pack  her bag just so I can see it in use! 

Of course Sadie saw Mommy setting out a pretend overnight bag you she had to come and put on the clothes I set out immediately, and take Lenny back for herself. And then she had to bring the essentials I forgot along with her, like a flashlight.

Apparently, Sadie is the only one allowed to put Lenny in a bag!

The original tutorial has amazing instructions! Here is how I altered the measurements...

I made the square a 20x20.
Which was sewing 8x20 top and a 12.5x20 bottom together on either outer side. 
And I had 2, 20x20 squares for the inside.
Then cutting 4.25 inch squares from each corner!
I used a 22 inch zipper and had it start and end where the 8x20 and 12.5x20 pieces meet.
I used D-Rings and put heavyweight interfacing in the straps.
I cut 4 pieces of 1.5x and put 1 inch interfacing in the middle of each one.
I folded the excess fabric around each interfacing.
Then sewed the straps very close to the sides.
And thats it... other than that I followed her tutorial to a T.

I have plans for making one for each of my other kids to! I'll be sure to share when they are done! :)

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  1. serious cuteness, amber! both the print fabrics and your baby girl. what a great size bag too. I like how you attached the handles. I'll have to try that, it looks so great.